Tissue Factory Jobs In Kuwait - Demand For Tissue Factory Jobs In Kuwait 2023

Tissue Factory Jobs In Kuwait – Demand For Tissue Factory Jobs In Kuwait 2023

Need for Tissue Factory

Tissue Factory Jobs In Kuwait – Demand For Tissue Factory Jobs In Kuwait 2023

If you’re thinking about applying for a Tissue Factory job in Kuwait, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve gathered a few information about this position, such as the salary and job description. This will help you to decide whether this job is right for you.

Need for Tissue Factory

In the year 2022, the demand for Tissue Factory jobs in Kuwait will continue to grow as the country continues to develop its paper industry. The country is home to four of the top ten global tissue producers, with close to 17 million tonnes of installed capacity. This is more than twice the capacity of North America, which boasts only ten million tons of installed capacity.
In North America, there are plans for seven new tissue machines to come online in the next three years. These machines will increase capacity by up to 450,000tpy. Six of these machines will be new entrants into the North American tissue market. The essential industry’s financial performance has been strong, although market pulp price cycles continue to pose a challenge. The top three producers, Georgia-Pacific and Kimberly-Clark, together account for 55% of installed capacity. However, this number is down by 5% from six years ago. During that time period, the top three producers idled two machines, and Kimberly-Clark will idle two PMs. Meanwhile, First Quality Tissue is expected to increase its capacity footprint.

Job Description

Job Description for Tissue Factory Jobs in Kuwait can be found in Sofidel, a paper company in Kuwait that manufactures and distributes tissues for domestic and hygienic use. This company is committed to long-term social, environmental, and economic benefits. Therefore, sustainability is a top priority.


Salaries for production laborers in Kuwait vary according to years of experience and location. A Production Laborer with less than 2 years of experience can earn up to 3,480 KWD a year, while a Production Laborer with five or more years of experience can earn as much as 5,160 KWD. However, there are many variables that can affect your salary, including your skills, experience, and gender.
Salary levels in Kuwait are dependent on the location, type of company, and the number of employees in a given job. A Fabricator in Kuwait must have 10 to 15 years of experience in a related industry. A Fabricator in Kuwait must also have experience operating an electrical oven that bakes wafer sheets.

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