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If you’re looking for a place where the environment can challenge you and provide an enjoyable work experience, PAF jobs may be right up your alley. PAF is one of Pakistan’s most well-known institutions – it relies on employing only the best workers from both their military and civilian ranks to keep things running smoothly. What makes working at this establishment so amazing? For starters, they offer many employment opportunities in addition to being primarily a defense organization. In addition to hiring fighters and commissioned officers who serve in combat roles, they also employ technicians, engineers, teachers and Imams (who perform mosque services). Most importantly though, working for such an established institution will boost your resume beyond anything else! There are mainly three job categories that are open – fighter pilots or commissioned officers, or civilian positions – but all provide different benefits which make them just as appealing.

Latest PAF Jobs Details

OrganizationPakistan Air Force (PAF)
CategoryArmed Forces Jobs, Government Jobs
EducationMatric to Onwards
LocationAcross Pakistan
Last Updated On16th September, 2022

Information About Pakistan Air Force

The Royal Pakistan Air Force was renamed the PAF soon after independence in 1947. Today, it is one of three main branches of the armed forces and provides air support for all military branches. The PAF hires its own employees who are subject to rigorous recruitment requirements which are enforced throughout the process from interview through hiring to retirement. This ensures that only qualified individuals are hired and maintains high levels of excellence within this crucial service branch.

List Of Available Job Positions:

  • Doctor
  • Nurses
  • Engineer
  • Teacher
  • Air Defence
  • Accounts Branch
  • Logistics
  • Engineering Branch
  • Education Branch
  • Foreman
  • Medical Assistant

PAF Jobs For Civilian

They offer a variety of occupations at the PAF that are not combat related. These positions range from Engineers and Technicians to Medical Staff including Doctors and Nurses. Other career opportunities can include Jobs in Smithing, Welding, Carpentry, Teachers for PAF Schools or Colleges etcetera.


  • In Pakistan Air Force, the main salaries are broken down into four categories as follows:
  • Junior Commissioned Officers – Rs. 40,000 to 100,000.
  • Non-Commissioned Officers – Rs. 20,000 to 50,000.
  • Officers ranking lower than Colonel (inclusive) – Rs. 100,000 plus


  • Benefits include:
  • Job Security.
  • Free Medical Insurance for Employee and Family.
  • Education Programs for Kids.
  • Above Average Salary.
  • Pension Plans.
  • Housing Facilities for Families.
  • Special Privileges.

How To Join Pakistan Air Force Jobs?

The Pakistan Air Force is known throughout the world. As a very strict rule-following and standard maintaining organization. As mentioned before, PAF jobs are offered in many different fields with unique requirements that applicants must meet before applying for any specific job post. Make sure you qualify enough to apply by reviewing all the detailed information below

Join PAF Jobs 2022 Online Registration at

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